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1Can we buy directly from AJD Farming
Yes! We are always happy to receive direct inquiries for our goods and services. If we can not exactly meet your product requirements or specifications, then we will do our best to refer you to someone who can.
2How far do you travel?
With our contracting business we generally try to work within a 150km radius of Goondiwindi Qld 4390. However, we will always consider work outside of this area if the demand is there and the job justifies the extra travel and time.
3Where does the irrigation water come from?
"Largo North" draws its water from the head of the Murray Darling Basin on a branch of the river known as the Macintyre Brook. This is a primary tributary of the Murray Darling System, originating in the hills to the East of Inglewood in Queensland.
4Do you require seasonal workers?
Yes! With both our contracting and horticultural business at different times of the year we require the assistance of outside help. Generally our peak times are from September - December for the winter hay making and cereal harvest. Then from March - May for the pumpkin picking window within our region. If you have interest in this work please contact us via email and attach references and experience.

Personalised service matters

9 times out of 10 when you try and get in touch, you will be speaking with either the person who grows the products we sell, or drives the tractor in the contracting business.

We are a very hands on small business, so the head of accounting is also the gardener and the CEO is the weed chipper


Please let us know if you like the photos and information on our site, feedback is always appreciated.

We try to keep things up to date, so if you notice something out of scope let us know so that we can get on to it.

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