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AJD Farming

Run by the Doljanin Family, AJD Farming is an ethical producer, striving to achieve the highest and best yields, with the most sustainable practices.

Pumpkins, lucerne, grains and pulses

Pumpkins, lucerne, grains and pulses

From Black Eyed Peas to Jap Pumpkins to wheat barley and lucerne, AJD Farming has a diverse but complimentary production profile.
We provide comprehensive contract farming services

We provide comprehensive contract farming services

With a modern fleet of mowers, rakes large square balers, planters, tractors and headers, AJD Farming can provide a complete contract farming solution.

AJD Farmings products

  • Contracting and Consulting

    To ensure our crops are planted and then harvested on time, AJD Farming operates its own fleet of modern tractors and implements to get the job done right. Given the scope of our operation when this machinery is not busy at home we provide contract farming services to other farmers in and around our area. This includes primary and secondary tillage, planting, hay making including High Density large square baling and combine harvesting.

    Over the years our business has been asked to advise and consult on local and international agricultural agribusiness ventures. We are always happy to talk about what we do and how we do it and share that knowledge with others.

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  • Horticultural Produce

    AJD Farming have been producing JAP Pumpkins for the domestic and export market since 2013. We have refined and developed our production systems to achieve the highest yields whilst still mainting freshness and quality. We are currently exploring our options for a complimentary winter crop, some of the contenders are leeks and garlic, which are suited to our climate and production systems.

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  • Cereals and pulses for hay and grain.

    We grow a range of cereal and pulse crops. From Black Eyed Peas, to Wheat and Barley, to Millet and Mungbeans. Pulses provide an invaluable source of organic nitrogen for our cereal crops and they in turn create carbon and break the disease cycle of the pulses. They also let the land ‘breathe’ after the intensive horticultural phase of our farming program. We will either make hay, harvest the grain or green manure our cereal and pulse crops.


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A name respected in the industry

AJD Farming Prides itself on growing the finest produce and providing exceptional service to its clients.